Product Feeds don’t need to be complicated.


Import Product Data from anywhere

Import your product data from multiple sources. Whether it’s a direct integration with your e-commerce platform, erp system or just a simple file upload.

Optimise and validate your Product Data

Optimise your product data to supercharge your e-commerce digital marketing campaigns or provide your e-commerce platform with validated product data.


Export Product Data to anywhere

Exporting product data is where Channelflow really comes into its own. We have integrated with a range of digital, marketplace and e-commerce channels that enable you to generate and export product feeds to anywhere in seconds .


100s of pre-defined templates from digital marketing channels, marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms

+ many more

Core features out of the box

Channelflow comes with the tools your business needs to manage your product data. Our core features are there to optimise and enhance your product data.


Channelflow has many pre-defined templates with all major digital marketing, marketplace and e-commerce channels. From Google, to Facebook, to Instagram, create as many feeds as you require within seconds.


Utilise our powerful filter system to refine your product data exports, ensuring maximum impact and saving you time in sending the right products to the right channel.

imgSmart Rules

Smart Rules enable you to manipulate the data as you desire, whether it’s prefixing/suffixing text to a field or creating custom labels.

imgProduct Validation

Channelflow has a built-in product validation for your product data feeds, showing you where improvements can be made and if there are gaps in your data.


Export product data to the channels you want when you want. Scheduling enables you to, configure a daily, weekly or monthly time to upload your product data.

imgExport Formats

Channelflow has multiple different export formats available, whether you need to send a simple csv file or something more technical like xml.


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